Dead Cells

Objective: How to implement a Health system that adapts to any case sceneario.

In most of games, we’ve seen that some characters react different when they take damage or when they die.

Let’s define a class that will adapt to any kind of project.

Declaring the fields

A ScriptableObject is a data container that you can use to save large amounts of data, independent of class instances. One of the main use cases for ScriptableObjects is to reduce your Project’s memory usage by avoiding copies of values. This is useful if your Project has a prefab
that stores unchanging data in attached MonoBehaviour scripts.

There are a bunch of case scenarios where you can use Scriptable Objects, but today we are goint to use an specific one.

Creating Characters With Scriptable Objects

First, let’s create our ScriptableCharacter class.

We have to make the class inherit from ScriptableObject.

Unity, in my personal opinion, is the best engine out there in the market right now. Not only because you can make hight quality content in it, but also for it’s adaptability.

Building Enterprise Apps

This is gonna sound crazy if you’re someone with a background making enterprise apps, but trust me, Unity is more than an game engine. You can create such things from mobile apps to AR/VR simulations with it.

The integration of most of the common used SDK’s like AWS or Google Cloud are easy to set up with the engine and start making your dreamed app.

Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted and comprehensive cloud platform in the world, offering more than 200 comprehensive data center services globally. Millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, largest companies, and leading government agencies, are using AWS to lower costs, increase agility, and innovate faster.

The leading cloud platform

Objective: At the end of the guide the reader will learn how to make a raycast inside Unity.

What’s a Raycast?

Ray casting refers to the use of the ray-surface intersection to solve a variety of problems in computer graphics and computational geometry. — Wikipedia

When should we use them?

There are a bunch of case scenarios where we can use the raycast technique in Game Development. Like for example, imagine you wanna move the character to the mouse position but converted in world space position, like in top-down games like League of legends.

Local position/rotation/scale, is that transformation relative to its parent.

Global is the combination of a GameObject’s local transformation with all of its parents, to the root of the scene.

In the past week I was completing the 2D mobile course from the GameDevHQ certification. While doing the course I knew:

1- How important is the optimization aspect when it comes about mobile development.

2- How to implement Unity Ads in my apps to get revenue.

3- Add a Joystick controller into the game.

These are the key topics I’ve learned. Cuz I have to be honest, with my 2 years of experience in the engine I never tried anything for mobiles.

Ah! of course, I also learned that while doing the course. I need to stop being lazy and start learning new things in Unity. Is just kinda impossible to believe that I have 2 years using the engine and never used mobile features.

Objective: How to implement Unity ads into our project.

First, let’s open the Services view going to Window > Services

Objective: How to make a 2D camera follow with Unity


Cinemachine Installed

Adding a cinemachine camera to the scene

Another great feature inside the Unity Engine is the capability to create custom events.

Note: You should use the UnityEngine.Events namespace.

Daniel Ercilio Del Rosario Guerra


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