Dead Cells

Objective: How to implement a Health system that adapts to any case sceneario.

In most of games, we’ve seen that some characters react different when they take damage or when they die.

Let’s define a class that will adapt to any kind of project.

Declaring the fields



In the past week I was completing the 2D mobile course from the GameDevHQ certification. While doing the course I knew:

1- How important is the optimization aspect when it comes about mobile development.

2- How to implement Unity Ads in my apps to get revenue.

3- Add a Joystick controller into the game.

These are the key topics I’ve learned. Cuz I have to be honest, with my 2 years of experience in the engine I never tried anything for mobiles.

Ah! of course, I also learned that while doing the course. I need to stop being lazy and start learning new things in Unity. Is just kinda impossible to believe that I have 2 years using the engine and never used mobile features.