Building Enterprise Apps with Unity

Unity, in my personal opinion, is the best engine out there in the market right now. Not only because you can make hight quality content in it, but also for it’s adaptability.

Building Enterprise Apps

This is gonna sound crazy if you’re someone with a background making enterprise apps, but trust me, Unity is more than an game engine. You can create such things from mobile apps to AR/VR simulations with it.

The integration of most of the common used SDK’s like AWS or Google Cloud are easy to set up with the engine and start making your dreamed app.

Pokemon go uses Google Map API to relocate the creatures around it’s virtual world.


It’s very easy to create apps for different target platforms. It can be PC, mobile, Web, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch… NO MATTER!

Unity handles it very well without making lot of changes into your project.


Here I give you the link where Unity INC explains in detail how you can use this engine to reach high quality Real World Applications.



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