Daily Progression Update — My Next Project

I’ve been thinking in the last couple of weeks on what my next project is going to be. It’s been a while since the last time I developed a personal project in Unity!

In may 1 I started my journey to become a professional game developer at GameDevHQ, it’s just one month, but the process is absolutly fun and worth.

The teachers are always taking care of the students giving feedback and reviewing your work. IT’S BETTER THAN AN UNIVERSITY!

My best achivement in the course is that I’ve already completed 5 modules!!!

On my Free Time…

I’ve been playing games the past couple of weeks that helped me to avoid the stress while I spended more than 8 hours programming. Games like…

Black Desert

One of the best MMORPG out there in the moment with the best combat system. The amount of hour you can put into this game are not well defined, because you can literally spend the whole yaer and still learning/finding new things.


A 2D platformer with an outstanding story and one of the best gameplay mechanics I’ve ever seen in these genre.

So what’s next?

After a bunch of hours playing these two games I decided to make a 2D platfomer looking for a great gameplay mechanics and unique combat system. By the moment I’m still planifying the features and the main keys of the game, but I’ll be releasing more medium articlus in the upcoming weeks updating you all about the process.



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